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About Morgan Behavioral Health Choices

Don't gamble with your life - Let us help you make healthy choices!

Our Mission:

At Morgan Behavioral Health Choices our mission is to always provide exceptional prevention and recovery programming that will encourage our community to lead a healthy, substance-free life.

We have a variety of treatment services available and can create a custom individual program tailor made for any situation to help you succeed with your goals for personal health.

What Is Substance Use Disorder?

Substance use disorder is another name for addiction, whether the substances to which a person is addicted are legal or illegal. Many individuals develop a problem with substance abuse after being prescribed medication by a doctor to relieve pain. Some substances that can become addictive include:


Since addiction is a disease, it’s important for those suffering to seek professional help. Yet it might not always be obvious if you or a loved one is struggling with substance use disorder. Since some addictive substances, like prescription drugs, are legal, it can be hard to tell when use crosses the line into abuse. However, there are a few indicators to look out for. These include:

Damage to relationships with family and friends due to drug and alcohol use
Inability to fulfill responsibilities at work or at home
Cravings for substances when you are not using
Needing to use more or more often to feel the same effects
You've experienced negative physical effects from substance abuse but have continued to use
Repeated failed attempts at quitting or decreasing your use
Withdrawl symptoms when you attempt to quit - such as headaches, insomnia and anxiety

If you’ve experienced any of the above symptoms, it’s time to reach out to Morgan Behavioral Health Choices to learn more about our outpatient treatment programs. We’re here to help you find the path to recovery.

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Funding Certification:

Morgan Behavioral Health Choices (MBHC) is a private non-profit organization supported in part through federal, state and local funding sources.

MBHC is a contract agency of the Muskingum Area Mental Health and Recovery Services Board and receives funding through this levy. The agency is a certified provider of substance use disorder services through the Ohio Department Of Mental Health And Addiction Services.